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  • What is going on here?
    We're talking about wage transparency and helping people learn what they can and should be making. We pair professional peers to talk openly and honestly about salaries. We then help you use this information to ensure you can present your best self for the role you want, negotiate successfully, and MAKE MORE. Transparency is not only vital to employees, but to companies as well. We present to groups within larger companies, and consult with their leadership to promote wage transparency on a larger scale.
  • Why transparency?
    Salary secrecy is an unspoken code that makes workers believe they can’t talk about compensation. Not so. Talking about your compensation is not only legal, it’s part of a trend toward open conversation, information exchange, and policy changes. Here’s the dirty secret: know the lack of transparency benefits the organization more than the employees. It disproportionately rewards those who negotiate more aggressively, those who have insider market information or those with direct access to management. We believe the more you know, the better decisions you can make, the more you can advocate for yourself.
  • Why should I talk to a random stranger about money?
    Who knows more about your industry and the how to level-set then someone who’s deep in it? Conversations with Mom are great for the soul but less good for your career path. When it comes to getting paid what you deserve and plotting your career path, an informed peer with your background and trajectory may be a great resource. It might be uncomfortable at first, but that lasts for 3 minutes. You will get over that hurdle, feel empowered, and make changes.
  • Is this safe?
    Absolutely. CONFIDENTIALITY is non-negotiable! All details of a WAGER conversation stay between the two participants. But it’s natural to feel hesitant: 85% of WAGER participants have never had a salary conversation. Nerves are high. The cultural pressure is intense. But guess what? After their WAGER conversation, 70% of participants said they felt more confident and informed going into salary negotiations and would do it again in the future. You can be confident going in that your privacy will be respected to the utmost.
  • How does this help me MAKE MORE?
    It’s pretty simple: if you know more, you can make more. When you learn what your professional peers are making in a similar role, you can assess a fair salary for your position and negotiate with confidence. No more guessing games. No more mind games. No more games of any kind. Don’t just take our word for it though, read about it on our blog.
  • Do I have time for this? My salary review is on Monday.
    Compensation Conversations move quickly and are always time sensitive. We are aware of this and factor time into our schedules to be able to step up at a moments notice. We are happy to make appointments at short notice to fit your schedule and will make sure you have an action plan ready for your salary discussion.
  • Does my location matter?
    No! We harness the magic of the internet to promote wage transparency wherever it is needed. Whether you’re working in New York or Nice, we can help. International time zone? We relish the opportunity. Need a 6 AM call? The coffee timer is set. We have extensive coverage on the East Coast with a growing presence overseas for our WAGER conversations. In the future we will be expanding our workshops, which we currently hold exclusively in the Northeast, US.
  • My company tells us we can't discuss salaries, is this legal?"
    The law tells us “Employees covered by the NLRA are guaranteed the right to form, join, decertify, or assist a labor organization, and to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, or to refrain from such activities. Employees may also join together to improve terms and conditions of employment without a union.” The law also, “protects the rights of employees to act together to address conditions at work, with or without a union. This protection extends to certain work-related conversations conducted on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.” As for employers and unions’ responsibilities, the law, “forbids employers from interfering with employees in the exercise of rights to form, join or assist a labor organization for collective bargaining, or from working together to improve terms and conditions of employment, or refraining from any such activity. Similarly, labor organizations may not interfere with employees in the exercise of these rights.” “Pay secrecy” isn’t merely a personal privacy issue, it’s a genuine workplace policy in many companies. In organizations where pay secrecy policies are implied, management simply discourages employees from discussing their pay with coworkers. But in other organizations, pay secrecy policies are in writing, typically in employee handbooks. These law violations, however, are coming to an end. Workers and employee advocates are demanding pay transparency, a trend led in part by tech companies and startups, bolstered by workers’ discovery of gender– and race-based wage disparities. A report by the job board Hired found that men are offered higher salaries than women 63% of the time. African-American women are paid 38% less than white men and 21% less than white women performing the same work, based on research by Lean In and the National Urban League.
  • I'm on board - I want to make more! Now, can you just convince my employer?"
    Actually, yes! Wager does more than provide peer to peer conversations and negotiating coaching. We challenge the culture of salary secrecy head on and from the top down. Our proprietary workshops can address the issues your workplace faces from every angle. If you feel your organization would benefit from a Wager workshop, but are unsure how to approach the subject, then let us do it for you. If you provide us with the contact details of the most appropriate person, we will reach out (anonymously) on your behalf. We will work with your organization to begin enacting positive change for the benefit of all employees. Contact
  • I'm an employer, why would I let you talk to my staff ?"
    Wage Transparency creates retention because wage transparency: instills trust, creates fairness, addresses identity-based wage gaps, demands accountability, and actually makes things easier for employers.. Being transparent about salary can help your business gain the trust of current and prospective employees. Sharing the logic behind compensation with employees can make it easier for them to understand and accept their paycheck. If there is a question about salary discrepancies, you can be sure your staff is talking about it. Rumors around other’s salaries inspire distrust in your staff, especially if there are no parameters for how pay is determined. On the flip side, being open about wages creates an opportunity to build trust amongst your staff. There are no looming secrets about money, and folks can focus on getting work done rather than speculating on why the person next to them might be making more than them for equal work.
  • I run our ERG - Can you help us?
    Short answer: ABSOLUTELY! We present workshops catered to fit your group’s needs and answer questions about salary transparency, knowing your worth, negotiating successfully, managing your network, and getting and staying ahead. Contact us at and lets see what we can do for you!

All other questions and concerns:

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