1:1 Salary Conversation Service

We’ve been told, “Know your worth!” but how?

We want to talk about this topic, but with who?

We need better salary insights, but from where?

It’s crucial we manage our salary history from our first job to our current promotion. But talking about salaries is a deeply entrenched cultural taboo. That means this critical information sits behind information walls or remain within insular circles. We end up playing a cruel guessing game with our worth. This insularity also disproportionately affects women and people of color. With WAGER, these walls come down, and we all benefit.


Wager is a salary conversation service that pairs you with professionals in your industry. We match your bio (title, salary, experience) with similar bios to facilitate a salary conversation. Once paired, you share some background on yourself, your general compensation story and where you are in your career path. Although the simple conversation has a focal point, over 75% of those who have a structured WAGER conversation say they now have a new business ally.  


The goal of WAGER is to take away the taboo around salary so you can focus on gathering actionable intelligence, real time compensation information and a better assessment of the job market. We are overjoyed at the Post-WAGER survey feedback.

  • Pre-Wager, 70% of those surveyed found talking about salary was Very Difficult or Difficult.

  • Post Wager, only 21% felt this way!

  • Post Wager, 50% of participants were interested in action oriented follow-up such as speaking with a coach, recruiter or negotiation experts.

  • A great perk of using Wager, 80% made a business or personal connection and wanted ongoing follow-ups with these peers.  

  • And best yet, over 70% said they felt more confident going into salary negotiations and having more wager discussions.


Online aggregators like Glassdoor and Salary.com give you general numbers. Wager allows for real-time nuanced compensation comparisons with real people in real jobs. WAGER creates a sanctioned safe and informative space to make salary conversation un-taboo and breaks down unnecessary information barriers




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