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Are we there yet?

“Ma are we there yet?”

“No, not quite. We’re almost home, but things look different.”

I’m working hard with my head down. But every once in awhile I look up to see if there’s any visual around the corner. “When will clothes matter again?” but also, “I’m never putting pants on!” However, we are also grateful. Grateful for all of the client work and how quickly we were able to pivot to meet their needs. Career Management, Salary Negotiations, Resumes have been in high demand. We’re also webinar masters! It’s been inspiring to work with large and small organizations to share our knowledge and answer the personal questions. Our clients are grateful too and are responding in kind:

“I am feeling excited, scared, and brave! Cindy holding my hand, virtually, was comforting. I appreciate the push, support, and guidance!”

"Thank you for kicking my ass, I love you for it"

Another bright light: we are watching our world open up, albeit slowly. Restaurants and businesses are turning on their lights and wondering, “Can we do this again?” We are hopeful and grateful that one of the good ones, Jacques Gautier from the acclaimed restaurant Paulo Santo is coming out of the fog. He worked hard during the pandemic to keep his staff and place afloat. “I’ve invested so much time into this new temporary system of to-go and delivery, all the while hoping we won’t need it very long. It was like opening a new restaurant.” Read below about Jacque’s work to stay in it for the long haul. I will be there with bells on! With or without pants.

Always with you,


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