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Are you 1 step away from walking out of your job?

I’m noticing an uptick in career crisis bookings. Often the clients are one foot away from walking out of their jobs. My perfectly planned compensation session becomes a career analysis of where the person thought they would be. We discuss the raise or title that didn’t materialize or the feeling that a company does not see its value. The conclusion is usually not if the person should leave, but when and how. If your income is fundamental to the household, walking out is a non-starter. I’m built for these situations. I can calm the soul and create a practical action plan. Sometimes all a person needs is tacit permission to move on.

What I hope moving forward is we start having more ongoing compensation conversations and career conversations throughout the year, not just when shit is hitting the fan. We get the car regularly tuned up. We get our hair and doctor appointments organized, but we don’t apply the same level of care to our work-life. Reach out to those around you and reach out to Wager. Talk more and talk often.

I interviewed my good friend “Amber” a few years ago before I started Wager. I kept the recording because her transparency and vulnerability felt important. Academia feels so opaque to me. As a first-time professor Amber had no idea all of the “stuff” a candidate could negotiate. Looking back, she wished she had reached out for more guidance. She’s sharing her story in hopes that others will work harder to negotiate the hell out of an offer.

Always rooting for you,


PS: We are bringing Rad, our open source salary database concept to NYC’s Open Data Week. We will work with LYLAS and spend a day hacking away at possible data solutions to pay parity. Please spread the word! Free and open to the public.