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This is WAGER!

Hello Friends,

A year ago I quit my job as a recruiter. My main role was to make hires as quickly and cheaply as possible. Everything was always great until we reached the salary portion of the negotiation then things would go downhill. I watched both the experienced and inexperienced candidates make bad compensation guesses. Companies get to capitalize on this ignorance and in a world moving toward more transparency, this did not make sense.

In response, I created an informal salary exchange and began pairing friends in my network to have salary conversations. I connected and paired people to talk to each other about money. And over time, those same conversations were the springboards people needed to make more.

I formally launched WAGER this January to get others onboard. WAGER is a service that pairs individuals to share vital salary information with others in their industry.

We will use our newsletter to share negotiation stories and insight we’ve captured along the way. If you have a negotiation story you’d like to share, please send it our way! It doesn’t have to be a success story. Sometimes the most useful stories are filled with mistakes.

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