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But, HOW do I negotiate?

When I work with clients on their offers or promotions, I’m often asked, “HOW do I negotiate?” I usually walk them through a diagnostic to determine their main ASK/NEED/WANT and create a plan to get there. But that is not what they want to hear. They will often ask again, “But HOW do I actually negotiate?”

In their mind, there is one big missing piece to their approach. There are magic words they need to say or a position or posture they need to take. They need a negotiating formula that will prevent them from ever having to endure an anxiety-inducing salary conversation. Yes, there are lots of “Top 10 Negotiating Tips” which we will begin to share in our newsletters, however, no amount of tricks can help you answer, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” and “How LIKELY are you to get it?”

Do you want to work from home on Fridays, do you want a leadership role, or do you want to maximize your salary because college payments are on the horizon? Negotiating tips are useless if you don’t have a road map of where you are going. WAGER can help you find relevant market-driven insight, but it’s most effective when you know what matters to you the most.

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