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Information black hole?

Freelancers and contracted employees are becoming a larger part of the WAGER client base. They have the same negotiation questions but often come with an extra level of vulnerability. They need to reduce all of their work experience and important intangibles to one flat rate. However, too high and they can lose a potential client, too low and they undermine their worth and set themselves back financially. And if we thought salaries were opaque, contracted employees have zero visibility and feel like they are in an information black hole.

The reality is that companies are overwhelmingly moving toward hiring non-salaried employees. According to an NPR/Marist poll conducted in 2018, contractors currently make up about 20 percent of the labor market, with a prediction that contract workers could make up half of the American workforce within a decade.

For this newsletter, we interviewed Marketing Executive Eric Solomon who has worked with established companies and recently entered the freelance space. His main takeaway, “Just because you’re on staff doesn’t mean you’re on sale!” Read about his tips and thoughts on how to find your worth in this new reality.

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