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What's next?

September has been a tornado of activity, just as predicted! I don’t think we’ll see a calm stretch until the holidays. I’m returning overdue calls, adding in workouts, and generally finding space for others. For some, the hustle and bustle is a good chaos. It allows individuals to hold off thinking about the bigger picture and the changes they need to make. It’s the time of year when WAGER gets into some intense conversations. People are looking for answers to WHAT’S NEXT? Is it time to go after that raise? Is it finally time to go after that promotion? Our clients have lots of questions and are looking for basic guidance on how to start. We interviewed Eileen, an executive in the marketing space. Her daughter was diagnosed with a chronic condition that made her never want to rock the boat at work. Having a steady schedule and a good insurance plan was everything. But at some point, taking what you get is just not good enough. Read her story below on how she took her next steps to move up and out!

Cynthia Graduating from Harvard Kennedy School

If you are ready to start thinking about what’s next but not sure where to start, WAGER has created downloadable content around our most often asked questions. We will be updating the site with new content so stay connected! In other exciting news, WAGER will be partnering with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in their NYC launch of, ASK FOR MORE. I will be leading FREE workshops in the 5 boroughs to help with their goal of training 1 million women on salary negotiations. Find me on September 24th in the Bronx (already sold out!), October 21st in Brooklyn (also sold out!), November 22nd in Manhattan and then back to Brooklyn in the new year on January 16th, with only 80 spots remaining!

Remember in this journey, keep it simple. Take small steps, then bigger ones, then take the biggest, and smash it!

Enjoy the day, go forth and WAGER!,



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