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Don't wait to understand your worth in the market.

When we speak to Employee Groups, conferences, or 1:1 phone consultations, one sentence always elicits a deep and pained response, “The longer you wait to understand your worth in the market, the more resentful you will get.” This sentence is often followed by a pause, a hushed murmur, LOTS of heads bobbing up and down, and inevitably a shout of, “I’m already resentful!” 

I make sure to follow up with the question, “What do you plan to do differently?” 

Most employees in the workforce are resentful. Accurate salary guideposts are missing and they do not have faith that their skills are a valued commodity in the company. Even when individuals do find comparable salary data or derive insight from one of our WAGER services, they still lack the strategy on what to do next. 

Companies don’t want employees to leave. The cost of rehiring is exhausting and expensive and our clients often love their job. They just want to make sure their work is respected and valued. This conversation gap can be bridged and needs to be bridged. This is where WAGER does its best work: transparency, conversations, data and actionable plans. 

Read the story of Lexie. It’s a simple story with a great outcome. What I love about this interview is how universal it feels. Many of my clients have been Lexie at one time or another. What’s important is that she changed her behavior. In 10 years from now, she won’t be resentful. 

Go forth and WAGER, 


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