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Dear Cindy..................I'm concerned unforeseen expenses will effect my salary review.

Dear Cynthia,

Last year I made a career change to work on the Hill. Having no experience other than an internship 4 years ago, I accepted the position of a legislative correspondent, with the understanding that after 6 months my supervisor and I would have a conversation about my progress and reassess my salary.

I've since taken on more responsibilities and a small policy portfolio, in addition to running the correspondence group. How do I proceed to ask for my desired salary when I know the office has had to take on unforeseen technology expenses?

From - Concerned about the budget.


You did all the right things by telling them in advance you would come back around to talk about salaries. These technology expenses are not your problem. The goal for you is to get paid your worth for the job you do. We tend to worry about things that are not in our control. It's good to be mindful of that, but you made a promise to yourself when you took the job to advocate for more when the time is right.

It's never a perfect time, but...set up a meeting with your supervisor especially if you are past that the 6-month threshold.

Below is an outline of how you may want to tackle the conversation:

  • I feel good about this year. I hope you feel good about it too.

  • I've taken on x more work, I've done x great things…

  • I took a big cut to come here and I'm grateful.

  • I want to revisit the conversation we had last year.

  • We talked about bringing me closer to X salary after 6 months.

  • Are you ready to compensate me at the level we discussed?

  • I did research and that seems like the right range for the work I'm doing.

  • What do you think?

You want to walk away with a firm commitment. If after three months, you still have not received the salary commensurate with the work you are doing, you have your answer. They will most likely not be able to accommodate you. And it may be time to move on.

All the best,



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