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Dear Cindy..................I'm eager to make the right impression!

Dear Cynthia,

I'll be graduating this the summer and starting my career in Asset Management in NYC. I’m joining a large firm with 10,000+ employees, and I really don’t want to become just one more data point for the company. I'll be joining as an engineer, but I really hope to transfer to a Research team within a year.

How do I make genuine connections with people from all over the firm, not just my team?

From - Eager to make an impression.


I love your email. I can see you know what you want and where you want to go!

The key for you is to do these things:

  1. Be an Ace at what they NEED you to do. Ask clearing about expectations and deliverables and have formal follow-ups monthly to make sure you are on track.

  2. Keep all accolades and wins in a folder.

  3. Make friends in research and make if there are any opportunities to do some “research-esque” work, do that, and add to your folder as well.

At the year mark you will have already made outreach to the new group, have good reviews from your current manager and you may have work products you can show from your year.

Stay focused and STAY VISIBLE! That’s how you don’t become one more data point for any company!

Reach out again in the future!


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