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Dear Cindy..............Salary Slayer!

Dear Cindy,

I am currently interviewing for a job, and at the end of my last interview they asked me for my salary requirement. I was told by a friend that the salary for this position is around $56,000. I got nervous so I responded, “Anything between $53-$56k. “ I could tell when I gave my range they were a little surprised - I know it was because it was on the low side.

After participating in your recent ‘Salary 101’ webinar, I now know I should have aimed for higher! Would it seem unreasonable, after getting an offer, to then ask for $58k? I plan on using your negotiation tips the next time, but for now I don’t know how to restart this conversation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Good Morning!

I'm so glad you reached out! I've seen this happen many times so don't beat yourself up! What's important is you are learning this lesson on the early side of your career...and you will NEVER let this happen again. Knowing Better means you’ll Do Better - and I promise you will make your money back.

For now, it's tough to go back after a verbal yes - BUT it's not impossible. Wait until they give you the actual offer, then say,

"This is great, I appreciate it. Let me take a day or so to confirm some research, check my finances, etc. Can we touch base in two days?" Or, "Can we touch base tomorrow?" if you are feeling too anxious.

Take the pause and come back with a more thoughtful answer. Mention you did research and spoke with informed individuals and then say,

"Based on my research and my level of experience in this space, the job worth is more in line with a 60k range. That feels reasonable to me, what do you think? Can we get to a better place with this offer?”

And see what happens! You can’t get more if you don’t ask for more!

All the best!


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