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I just wasn’t comfortable asking for my worth!

Dear Cynthia,

I received an offer today, for a management role within a large company and will have three direct reports. The recruiter told me that the offer was $250k annually.

I have another offer on the table for $275k and asked if they could match, but I made the mistake of saying, “or close to it.” They asked me what was my walk-away number, the lowest I would go, and I said $260k. That’s what they offered me. I feel like I could kick myself. I just wasn’t comfortable asking for my worth during this time.

The recruiter did say that there were two yearly check-in reviews, at which point I could bring up the pay increase.

What are your thoughts? Should I take the role? My last role ended a few months back and I was making $265k. I am the main breadwinner and I don’t have another offer on the table that competes.

From: Sold Myself short!

Dear Sold Yourself Short

Yes! Take it...but let them know that in 6 months, once you've proven yourself, you will want to move to $270/275k, closer to where you should be given your experience and expertise.

It's a tough time out there, and finding a good job with a 6 figure salary will become even more competitive (actually, all jobs will become more competitive)! The key is to let them know that they are getting a good bargain with a competent and well-experienced manager (which is also hard to find).

You will work hard to prove yourself, but then you will kindly be asking for another conversation in the near future.

Good luck and don’t kick yourself. We learn to do better by making mistakes.


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