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We're keeping the salary conversation moving forward!

Our mission to create a more transparent and equitable salary world is in high demand.

We were surprised how much our free resume webinar resonated. My frank observations as a former recruiter helped give clarity to an annoying part of the job search process, that lowly resume. If you missed it, here’s a fun snippet. Another surprise, our most liked Instagram post was just me, my kids and managing life in this pandemic. People like real people. Noted! We will continue to convert our workshops into webinars such as Salary 101 and Career Management. Let us know if this resonates with your network.

While we all do our best on the day to day, I continue to keep my eyes on the big picture. We’ve started building out salary transparency tools for groups as an offering to their members. Reach out to us for more information on this Wager pilot project if your network is ready to organize around transparency and data.

Speaking of the big picture, it’s Nursing Week! Those fabulous and dedicated members of our society that are out there battling our battles while we do our part inside. We interviewed a highly respected nurse Claire about compensation concerns in the nursing industry. Her advice and our advice is the same: If you have salary information, SHARE!

Please read below about Claire and how to bring change to an opaque industry.

Always with you,


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