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Why I do what I do.

Hi Friend,

Having more salary information does not create pay equity. We can have all the salary information in the world but it’s useless if we don’t act on it. I see this a lot with both companies and individuals. For instance, one client told me she found a list of all of the leadership’s salaries resting on the printer. She found her name and realized she was making $30,000 less her counterpart. I asked her about her next steps and she didn’t have any. She had been sitting on this information for three months. Her sense of shame was greater than her ability to act.

One great byproduct of connecting individuals to have WAGERS and transparent salary conversations is the creation of strong business allies, not just LinkedIn strangers. One client said, “It’s as if you were about to crash, shared some final thoughts, but then you survived! This person knows something important about you. It’s a real person now.” Having those tough conversations are the gateway to long-term and authentic networks that can keep you honest about the hard salary and career decisions we all need to make.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chandra Turner, CEO and Founder of ED2010, the go-to website for content-marketing professionals. I talk candidly about me, how WAGER came to be, the importance of creating authentic networks and how to stay technically ahead of the career curve.   

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