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Workshops are an effective and empowering professional development tool for organizations seeking a guided format for constructive compensation conversations.


Climbing the economic ladder requires a longer-term investment in knowing who you are, aligning those skills with the needs of the employer, and mapping out actions steps. WAGER outlines what it means to KNOW YOUR WORTH and helps individuals put the pieces together efficiently and effectively.

WAGER WORKSHOPS allow participants the space to ask personal questions, role play and practice step-by-step techniques related to COMPENSATION and CAREER MANAGEMENT. The bespoke workshops are hosted by our founder and CEO Cynthia Medina Carson and are tailored to the needs of the group.

Workshop topics include but are not limited to:

• COURAGEOUS COMPENSATION CONVERSATIONS: Demystifying salary conversations​

• THE FUTURE IS TRANSPARENT: The end of salary secrecy in the workplace​

• WHAT DOES KNOWING YOUR WORTH MEAN?: Step by step instruction for getting paid​

• NEW TO THE WORKFORCE: How to self-manage your salary and career trajectory​

• FREELANCERS AND CONTRACTORS: Managing your relationship and rates​

• WOMEN OF COLOR: How to get ahead and stay ahead

We can create a compensation workshop specific to matters in your workplace.

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