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WAGER loves working with journalists and content creators to create compelling stories and spread the word about salary transparency. If you would like to talk to WAGER about your next piece please email:

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 March 2021

In this podcast Cindy chats to Dr Sharon Melnick about finding power in the relation to money and the privilege that having money creates. 


They explore the manifestation of sharing in corporate America and knowing what your work is worth - and owning the power of transparency of asking for compensation.

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June, 2020

An Honest Conversation About Pay With Cynthia Medina Carson

As an employer, the conversation around pay is an often-avoided one. Cynthia is here to tell you that it shouldn’t be and that for a competitive, growing business, salary and promotion transparency are the way of the future.

Feb, 2020

Did you know that it's Illegal to NOT allow discussing pay at work? Yeah, we didn't either. Or maybe we forgot. Or were too intimidated to do it.

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October, 2019

"What was striking was that no matter who you are, your education, place of business, you still have the same insecurities that everyone else has about money. You will be angry and resentful if you don’t figure it out sooner rather than later."

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Jan, 2021

“My goal while I’m alive is to make other women better and stronger than me.”

That’s how our podcast with Cindy Medina Carson started so if you think that’s good, hold on to your hats!

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March, 2020

How Salary Transparency is Helping Women Close the Gender Pay Gap

Secrecy—around salaries and hiring and promotion practices at companies both small and large—plays a major, and not fully understood, role in sustaining that gap. 

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Nov, 2019


Naming your professional price can be a daunting and confusing task. These strategies can help make it easier.

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Summer, 2019

How You Can Get the Money You Deserve Working in Media.

Cindy started Wager because she saw firsthand how the lack of salary information created unnecessary information barriers and anxiety in the workplace. People kept asking the same question, “Who can I ask about salaries?”

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Dec,  2020

What is it that we need most right now?


"I knew Cynthia would be the right person to talk to about the current state of professional and financial inequity that continues to plague women — and especially women of color."

Jan, 2020


Women@Work host Laura Zarrow on SiriusXM’s Business Radio interviews WAGER CEO Cynthia Medina Carson, on how she went from the first person her family to attend college, to running her own business and working to change salary expectations.

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October, 2019


Powerbitches first met Cynthia Medina Carson at our Feminist Entrepreneurs roundtable in May. We were immediately impressed by her business savvy, and excited by what WAGER represented as part of a growing group of businesses building interventions to help close the gender pay gap.

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