Salary conversations are hard, uncomfortable, and taboo. We work with groups and individuals to demystify the process, create action steps regarding offers, and training to become your own self-advocate. And get paid your worth!



"Cindy coached me through the entire negotiation, and helped me know what data I needed to gather, along with how to go about the conversation"

"Cindy's expertise provided practical guidance in navigating difficult salary conversations, and made an immediate impact for me"

1-hour initial conversation
2x 30min negotiation follow-ups, or email help during negotiation
Offer and job assessment
Basic salary data research 
Scriptwriting and role play
Counter-offer assistance 


1-hour conversation
Offer and job assessment
Role play

"Working with Wager has armed me with new information and perspective that I will use to boost my role and salary in the near future"

"I will no longer be afraid to ask for what I want, and I'm going into conversarions prepared."



30 - 45 minute conversation with a peer.
We find 2 people in our network that match your industry specifics. This adds a personal salary conversation to your compensation data. 

"That was the first time in all my working years I've ever experienced such a conversation. The granular details and real talk was amazing! "

"Now that I know what others have asked for, I can ask for what I need"

“Knowing is half the battle! Now I know and now I can do better for myself. My pairing conversation was life-changing!” - YAM