WAGER creates spaces for transparent, informative, and healthy salary conversations. We work with individuals via consultations, webinars, and group workshops to develop salary strategies and step-by-step guidance on determining a person’s market worth. We also work with companies to bring curated workshops and salary conversations to the workplace. More conversations means less tension and higher retention rates.


There’s a new generation of employees who have spent their lives sharing or consuming data and they want to know who’s behind the idea that WE CAN’T TALK ABOUT MONEY? Employees are not seeking information for its own sake, they are highly motivated advocates of change. The Pay Gap, better work-life balance, representation of all groups in the workforce, and access to salary information are becoming minimums for those entering the workforce. 

There is a desire for CONVERSATION, not DICTATION.

WAGER is ready to facilitate, organize, and educate companies and individuals on how to make the journey over to the bright side. WAGER creates a space to have conversations, workshops and training to build the next iteration of informed employees. 

Reach out. We want to hear from you.




Cynthia is a Salary Transparency Maven, Career Coach, and Recruitment Expert. Cynthia started Wager because she saw firsthand how the lack of salary information created information barriers and anxiety in the workplace. Professionals and executives kept asking the same question, “Who can I ask about salaries?” Wager’s mission is to create and advocate for information transparency at all levels of the workplace.  


Prior to her move into the talent field, Cynthia worked as an international relations and policy expert for the Department of Treasury, Homeland Security, and JP Morgan, and served in Peace Corps, Nicaragua. Cynthia is also the Founder of the Cheeky Monkey Club, a networking group for women who hate to network, is a Board member of her hometown’s Girls Inc., and hosts a makerspace in her basement studio. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


Lynsey brings twenty years of experience to WAGER, specializing in Operations and Customer Management for Startups and Non-Profits. She has built her career operating within a variety of industries, such as participatory arts, private member hospitality and event management, fundraising and HR. She has worked (and lived) on both sides of the Atlantic and is currently based in the UK’s south coast. Lynsey is the coordinator of processes and implementer of systems. An expert in curating customer experiences, she leads product for upcoming expansion and business development. Lynsey is passionate about creating opportunities and empowering individuals to control their own intention.