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No one is ever ready!

I’m very excited about the work we’ve been doing and the leaders we are helping. A few of them have agreed to be interviewed for upcoming newsletters. Hooray! Just know that they are fierce, fabulous, know their worth, and are not scared. (Ok, maybe a little. We all are a little!)

As a first-generation student, learning about professionalism, worth and career management felt like two steps forward and one step back. It was always a walk through thick fog. Wager is successful because the fog is still there: Most of our clients still feel a sense of the unknown when trying to negotiate or get ahead. We help undervalued individuals get paid 20-30% more because we share basic tactics. They advance quicker into better positions because we give guideposts. And as of late, they are taking big leaps and landing in great places before they thought they were ready. As my former US Treasury boss said to me, “No one is ever ready.”

However, our eyes are still on the bigger prize: Getting companies to do their part on improving workplace transparency specifically around wages, hiring and promotions. No one should have to guess how this works. We are rolling out our Transparency Audits services so companies and groups have a basic framework for how to create an equitable workforce. Many do want to do better. This is just the beginning of the next leg of the fog.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marta Nichols, the former Chief of Staff at GoDaddy. She is strong and grounded and has spent her career head down and working hard. When life took some hard twists and turns, she knew she had to reach for the moon during her negotiations. And she got it. Read about her straightforward approach and tactics with GoDaddy here.

Always with you, Cindy

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